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Medicine no We Heart It. https://weheartit.com/entry/72967920/via/keylaferreira
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Patch Adams was WISE.
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Leopold’s Maneuvers: Determining Fetal Position in the Uterus
(A: First Maneuver: Determining the Fetal Part at the Fundus)Facing the woman, place both hands at the upper portion of the abdomen to palpate the fundus to identify the fetal part occupying the upper part of the uterus.Head: hard, firm, round, and moves independently of the trunkFeet: soft, symmetricalShoulders&Limbs:small bony prominence, move with the trunk
(B: Second Maneuver: Determining the Position of Fetal Back)Still facing the woman, palpate the abdomen with gentle but also deep pressure using the palm of the hands. First the right hand remains steady on one side of the abdomen while the left hand explores the right side of the woman’s uterus. This is then repeated using the opposite side and hands.The fetal back will feel firm and smooth while fetal extremities (arms, legs, etc.) should feel like small irregularities and protrusions
(C: Third Maneuver: Determining which Fetal Part is Lying above the Pelvic Inlet in the Lower Abdomen)The area above the symphysis pubis is palpated with the thumb and third finger to determine the presenting fetal part. ***The Pawlick Grip is often abandoned in favor of a two hand palpation due to the discomfort it causes the Mother.
(D: Fourth Maneuver: Determining Location of Fetal Brow)Facing the Mother’s feet the fingers of both hands are moved gently down the sides of the uterus toward the pubis. The side where there is the greatest resistance to the descent of the fingers toward the pubis is where the brow is located. If the head of the fetus is well-flexed, it should be on the opposite side from the fetal back. If the fetal head is extended though, the occiput is instead felt and is located on the same side as the back.One hand applies pressure on the fundus while the index finger and thumb of the other hand palpate the presenting part to confirm presentation and engagement [preferably, the fetal head]
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Inflating a set of cat lungs
Lungs are by most accounts mundane. Everybody has them, few give it much thought. But sequestered within darkness of the chest cavity, enveloping the fluttering heart, there’s a incredible wonder to this oddly inflatable organ.
Dissection is a destructive process. Rudely excised from membranous mooring and nourishing vessels, the deflated lungs appear little more than bloodied meat; amorphous and exposed…….until a breath of air unfurls its secret glory. 
Here, a set of cat lungs is inflated with a straw. Comprised of hundreds of millions of microscopic air sacks called aveoli, Mammalian lungs harbor air capacity that is difficult to believe unless seen. The color of the entire organ lightens into a soft pink, as each microscopic sac fills with air.
A debt of gratitude is owed to cyborgraptor for her assistance in creating these gifs, as well as the students that help me film this demo. 

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Happy Thanksgiving!
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'Superfast ventilation - equivalent to 600 breaths per minute - is the best way to protect the lungs of premature babies'
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Follow t h a t s m y l i t t l e f a c t ♥ for more quotes and fun facts!
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Preemie power!
Saturday 17th November is national prematurity day.
Celebrate these beautiful little miracles.
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 “Ángeles de esperanza” tr. “Angels of hope”  Credit: Aleida Medina
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Progressive sagittal sections of the head in MRI. Note teeth, appearing in black.
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Happy 3rd Blogday to Us!
Today marks our third anniversary on tumblr – three years of discovery, expert advice and occasional moments of frivolity.
Some of the things we’ve done in those three years: 
Gone from a handful of followers to over 69,500 as of this posting (!!)
Posted 120 weekly Science in Photos features
Offered over 50 Q & As with our experts on relevant health issues, such as how to navigate the changing guidelines for prostate cancer screenings to mammogram standards to effects of bath salts to the occurrence of stroke in young adults.
And we’ve had some fun, too! From hijacking the zombie apocalypse to speak about disaster preparedness to touting our Super Heroes of Medicine to highlighting members of our team who helped deliver a baby gorilla – there’s more to science and medicine than dry research papers, after all.
We’ve also liked over 33,000 of your posts!
Of course, we wouldn’t be able to do what we do without the support of this wonderful community – thanks for likes, reblogs, and follows. We hope to keep you engaged and informed for many years to come!
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Uterus Transplant (First Trial) Results!
University of Gothenburg (Sweden) researchers began a human trial of Uterus transplants from live donors in early 2013. Nine patients have undergone this trial, and so far the 6 month post-op results show great prospective! With these stable results, the researchers are taking the next step in order to help 7 of these women get pregnant through in vitro fertilization. It’s so exciting to see such innovative work being done! We are still quite a bit away from seeing it oked for U.S., but another big problem that is being raised is the ethics (of course, its medicine) of the surgery. Do you have any thoughts on how great/terrible it will be?